Welcome to my froggy mind

Forrest | They/He | 20 | White

Hi, I'm Forrest! I'm a nonbinary artist and zoology student who loves reptiles (and frogs)

I mostly just post about vidya games

Do not interact

if you are a TERF or truscumif you ship any pedo or incest shipsif you consider yourself proshipif you're a kaeluc shipper just block me, it makes me uncomfortable and I don't feel like fighting with y'all
I know I'm an "anti" but let it be known I'm completely fine with darker themes in fiction, I just want to see them handled respectfully lmao

Commission Info

Commission T.O.S.

I reserve the right to refuse orders for any reasonPrices are subject to change based on the complexity and difficulty of each individual pieceFor more expensive orders, I ask for half of the payment upfront and the other half paid upon completionIf an order is cancelled before any work has been done, you will receive a full refundIf I feel I will be unable to finish your commission, you will receive a full refundI retain the right to display commissioned work as examples and on my social medias. If the commission is something you would rather not have posted publicly exceptions to this rule may be madeUnless otherwise agreed, the commissioned work is not to be used commerciallyUnless you are reselling the character the art is of please do not resell my artYou may resize, crop, or make small edits to the artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics.You may also upload the artwork to your personal site or gallery, but credit is requiredIf you have any questions or concerns not covered here feel free to ask me about them


Here's where you can find me! My discord is caracali#9530, please tell me who you are if you dm me there

Feel free to send me a dm on Twitter or discord about commissions. You can also send me an email about them if you'd prefer